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Funeral parlour refused to refrigerate the body of a man without payment while his penniless sister waited for welfare offices to open on Tuesday to get the funds to bury him. An Athens women who had no means to bury her brother has spoken of the ordeal of having to keep his decomposing corpse in her sweltering apartment over the weekend while waiting for welfare offices to open on Tuesday. Olga Nikolaidou, 61, told Eleftherotypia that after her brother Stathis, 64, died at home at 9pm on Saturday, she was unable to find a funeral parlour willing to refrigerate the corpse without payment. Owing to the public holiday on Monday, welfare offices were closed until Tuesday…More

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A controversial measure that allows the police to detain people for the purpose of forced HIV tests has been reinstated by Adonis Georgiadis, in one of his first decisions as health minister. The measure, introduced by Pasok health minister Andreas Loverdos shortly before the May 2012 general election, resulted in the round-up and subsequent forced testing of hundreds of women. The 17 found to be HIV positive had their names, personal details and photographs published in the media, on the grounds of protecting public health. The women, labelled as “prostitutes” (although there was no evidence that they were involved in sex work) and accused of being “health bombs”, were kept in jail for months until they were finally acquitted on the charge of “intended bodily injury”. Read the rest of this entry »

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All 167 people – mostly Israeli tourists – on board the HRM 7321 flight from Irakleio in Crete are safe and well at Tel Aviv, the plane’s original destination – A Greek charter plane landed safely in Tel Aviv without anyone being hurt on Thursday after issuing a rare mayday call on its approach to Israel’s Ben Gurion international airport. The Hermes Airline plane, en route from Kazantzakis international airport, in the Crete city of Irakleio, to Tel Aviv, had apparently suffered a hydraulic problem around noon and was forced to take measures for an emergency landing…More

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The Greek government has committed to firing 15,000 people by the end of 2014 and transferring another 12,500 to new positions this year. The New Democracy-led coalition government submitted the omnibus bill to parliament late on Tuesday night, which includes details of public sector staff cuts, which the troika has insisted on in return for a €6.8bn tranche of bailout loans. The transfers include 2,200 school security personnel; 3,500 members of the Athens municipal police, which will then be disbanded and absorbed into Greece’s police force; at least 2,000 local government employees; 1,500 teachers; and employees of various ministries… Read the rest of this entry »

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Decision to release Kostas Sakkas on bail comes a day after a doctor monitoring his health said he is at the ‘final stage’ of life, having completed 37 days on hunger strike. A court of judges in Athens has ordered the conditional release pending trial of an anarchist hunger striker who is on his 38th day of protest against being kept on remand for more than the constitutional limit. The court said Kostas Sakkas, 29, who is facing terrorism-related charges, could be released on bail of €30,000 Read the rest of this entry »

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Turkey’s nuclear ambitions, by Aaron SteinChen Kane.
This month Turkey and Japan agreed to begin exclusive negotiations on constructing four nuclear power reactors at Sinop on the Black Sea. The deal marks the start of Turkey’s second nuclear power project, after it reached a similar deal three years ago with a Russian consortium to construct four reactors at Akkuyu near the Mediterranean. Read the rest of this entry »

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