Hellenic Arms Control CenterThe Arms Control Center is seeking sponsors and donations for its Research as well as for its advanced Website and Youtube Channel. You can participate in the only non-profit Arms Control, Defense & Security web channel in Europe, thus promoting your industry/company in a very useful and creative way. With your sponsorship and donations we can inform and educate the Legislators, the Policymakers, the Armed Forces, the Police Forces and all the Citizens, timely, reliably, accurately and honestly. Military and International Security News is simply too important to be left exclusively in the hands of commercial News Media .

The Arms Control Center, is an international non-profit scientific organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies. It conducts basic research in the field of arms control and military science focusing in particular on the technical aspects of homeland, international security and survival. One of its main objectives is to strengthen the defenses and security avoiding irresponsible defense spending and unnecessary arms purchases. The Arms Control Center has emerged as an academic think-tank on all aspects of defense and security. Our staff provides commentary and analysis on a broad spectrum of issues for journalists and scholars.

Our Research Center is an independent, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization with an impact beyond our modest size and budget. We are proud of our members who are academics, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty officers of the Armed Forces, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans etc (see details in the Greek website of the Arms Control Center) . We conduct defense and security research and inform the public without making any profit!

Hellenic Arms Control Center - DirectorThe Arms Control Center is purely academic and scientific in nature but at the same time it provides timely and daily news about homeland and international security, defense issues and weapons science from around the world. Our website is designed using the most advanced Search Engine Optimization methods so that each subject and topic we handle ranks high in the Google Search Engine.

According to the Google Analytics and Youtube statistics we have up to (November 2011) approximately 100,000 visitors per month (website plus youtube channel). Our visitors either visit our website directly or are referred to it by search engines while searching for relevant pubications, facts and news.

We can easily reach hundreds of thousands of visitors per month with the right support and sponsorship. Powered by the quality of our services, we will strive to gain the confidence of the Armed Forces, the legislators and the public, thus establishing an authoritative and reliable source of military news and analysis.

Hellenic Arms Control Center StaffHowever our staff (researchers, journalists etc.) depend on scholarships, fellowships and sponsorships. The first two sources of our energy, have been considerably depleted after the world-wide financial recession. Therefore, we now seek sponsors who could help the Arms Control Center deploy its full potential and share in its success and future. Your sponsorship could make a difference in the Arms Control, Defense and Security News. Donations from industries, companies and individuals like you are essential to our continued operations.

An acknowledgment of your sponsorship will appear in our pages (using clickable banners, images texts, etc) but we will not commercially advertise your industry/company or your products. However, the Center’s website may focus on the military and international security aspects of your industry/company and even consider conducting research in the fields that you, as our sponsor, deem important for international security. There will be timely coverage (video, audio, interviews etc) of all the scientific and technological activities of your industry/company using the most advanced internet aspects. It is obvious today that the best advertisement is sponsoring academic and non-profit activities which will be associated with your industry/company and brand name in a very positive way. Crude commercial advertising of defense industries and companies, apart from being a primitive way of promoting your products, is not allowed by the academic nature of our research center. Commercial advertising is simply banned from our activities (and our website) while non-commercial sponsorships and donations are our only funding sources.

On the other hand you may wish to award a fellowship or scholarship to one of our researchers who will focus on the topic that you will suggest. The fellowship will bear your brand name while the fellow will proudly acknowledge your support in all his/her posts, articles and publications. Of course, our entire website will echo your kindness and support in various ways.

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On behalf of our staff, I am calling upon you to share the above dreams with us and participate in the creation of a great, reliable arms control, defense and security web channel all around the world. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information and details.

With our best regards

The Director of the Arms Control Center

Professor Dr. Theodore Liolios
Professor of Nuclear Physics & Military Science (Hellenic Army Military Academy)
Director of the Division of Physical Sciences and Applications (Hellenic Army Military Academy)