The Arms Control Center is an independent, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization with an impact beyond our modest size and budget. We are proud of our members who are academics and educators, government officials, arms control experts, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty and retired officers of the Armed Forces and the Police Force, Medical Doctors and Health Professionals, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans, private security officers, students and of course all relevant companies and corporations (see details in the Greek website of the Arms Control Center). We conduct defense and security research and educate the public without making any profit! To achieve those noble goals we seek sponsors who could help the Arms Control Center deploy its full potential and share in its success and future. Your sponsorship could make a difference in the field of Arms Control, Defense and Security Studies. Donations from industries, companies and private individuals like you are essential to our continued operations. See here how you can support the Arms Control Center!

However, as a membership-based organization we mostly rely on the subscriptions of our members: By joining the Arms Control Center you will demonstrate your commitment to high professional standards and a desire to continue learning and growing as a professional Arms Control, Defense and Security Expert. Let others know that you are a member of the Arms Control Center by displaying an attractive membership certificate in your website, your office or at home (The Arms Control Certificate, see below). The Arms Control Certificate is a membership certificate which may also be used as a qualification to certify your knowledge and expertise in all aspects of security studies (gained freely via the website, the web channel and the open webinars of the Arms Control Center). The Board of the Arms Control Center will certify (to whom it may concern) that you are a member of the Center, have attended the free online open webinars of the Center and/or have published relevant work in the website or in the Journal of Arms Control, Defense and Security Studies.

Only regular Members of the Arms Control Center can publish in the Journal of Arms Control, Defense & Security Studies (henceforth abbreviated as “the Arms Control Journal”). Every regular member is entitled to submit a number of papers every year (for review and possible publication after successful review) in the form of a short note, letter, regular article, review article, etc (as long as membership status is maintained in good standing). If there are more than one authors then all co-authors must be regular members of the Arms Control Center.

Individual Memberships
Individual Membership is designed for individuals interested in participating in the Arms Control Center. While membership is not required for participation, membership allows participants to publish in the Arms Control Journal and to ballot on standards and assume leadership roles in standards working groups. Individual Members can also participate in research projects in the Arms Control Center and/or be employed as researchers or fellows under contracts. A regular individual membership is €100/year (one hundred euros per year).

Corporate Memberships
Corporate Membership is recommended for companies which are interested in the research, product development and marketing in the fields of the Arms Control Center. Corporate participants enjoy networking and exposure across a broad cross-section of industry thought leaders and standards participants. A corporate basic membership is €1000/year (one thousand euros per year) while there is also an advanced membership rate which is a function of the degree of engagement of the company in the activities of the Arms Control Center.

The following method of payment is accepted: By bank transfer to the Arms Control Center: National Bank of Greece S.A. Eolou 86, 10232 Athens ,Greece. SWIFT code (BIC): ETHNGRAA account number 233/296000-11, IBAN GR4801102330000023329600011. Please quote subscriber ID (if known) as the reference when making payment and send remittance information to: