The Greek people place a high value on their many connections to the United States of America especially regarding the threat posed all around the world by violent extremist groups. According to the White House, President Obama will visit Greece, beginning on Nov 15, to meet with the Greek President and the Greek Prime Minister. Among the issues on the agenda will be Greece’s economic situation and the refugee crisis in Europe. President Obama’s visit to Greece is an excellent opportunity for the Greek Government to put forward other crucial issues such as the continuing belligerence of Turkey and President Erdogan’s attitude towards the refugee crisis.

The Greek Government and people have shown remarkable generosity to refugees and migrants, however, there is a lot of concern that Turkey blatantly allows the uncontrollable flow of these unfortunate people into Greece from the nearby Turkish coast, who are then headed to northern and central Europe. An obvious assumption is that violent extremists, militants and criminals might find their way into Europe disguised as innocent civilians seeking asylum. Currently there seems to be no reliable way of detecting illegal material carried by extremists and religious fanatics hidden among the refugees and the migrants. Such materials might be used for criminal activities, in Europe and the USA possibly for unconventional acts of terrorism.
Any scientific project that might reduce the spread of terrorism into the civilized world cannot be overestimated, as it would also differentiate the innocent Syrian refugees from terrorists and escaped criminals. Therefore, President Obama should realize that the establishment of an international Arms Control Project in Greece which would monitor and control the spread of terrorism should be of paramount importance during his visit.
The Hellenic Arms Control Center is carefully monitoring the refugee and migrant crisis in Greece, particularly in the Aegean, and is seeking support in its efforts to establish a reliable security research project in collaboration with other research centers from all around the world.

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