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Prof. Dr. Theodore Liolios Hellenic Security Advisor

The Director on Greek State TV

Research on International and Homeland Security, Military and Civil Defenses, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Environmental Protection.
The Arms Control Center’s research and contribution to Homeland Security in Greece, Cyprus and all around the world has been acknowledged by Ministers, the Armed Forces, Academics and mostly by our fellow citizens. Our prizes, distinctions, publications and excellent reputation provide undeniable testimony of our achievements. We constantly monitor the international security environment informing citizens and governments about possible threats and ways of avoiding them. The Arms Control Center collaborates with other local and international institutes in joint research projects focusing on Arms Control, Homeland and International Security Issues, Military and Civil Defense, WMD effects and non-proliferation, terrorism, Private Security etc.  The Arms Control Center seeks research partners from around the world who wish to join our research group and our projects . Contact the Arms Control Center, which can conduct research and collect data in all security aspects concerning you, your family, your company, your organization, your country.

Private Security Services
There are thousands of private security companies all around the world which offer private security and relevant services. These companies today employ millions of people some of whom have never had any advanced education on security matters and cannot reliably protect the lives and assets of others. Only some of those security companies are reliable and can really guarantee the security of individuals and companies who can be very easily misled by fancy and exaggerated advertisements. That’s why the Arms Control Center has decided to evaluate, assess and endorse only those private security companies thatEKEO PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES really satisfy the international standards of private security. We apply strict evaluation and monitoring methods to the private security companies of our network thus preventing all unnecessary costs and expenses which would be imposed on citizens and companies . If you are serious about Private Security: Contact ΕΚΕΟ now which will constantly assess your true needs, recommend, monitor and supervise the most excellent private security officers and scientists of our network to protect your assets, your personnel, your life and the people you love.

Investigative Services
The Arms Control Center, certifies,  coordinates, supervises and monitors a fine network of private investigators who utilize a scientific process of analysis, experience and action to provide professional investigative services to their clients in a reliable and expeditious manner. Our team of veteran professionals possess the requisite educational and professional backgrounds and have demonstrated a track record of success in the following areas: (a) Locating Missing People, (b) Fraud Intervention, Discovery and Recovery (c) Counter Surveillance Services, (d) Real Estate Fraud and Scams, (e) Reliable Evaluation of Struggling or Distressed Companies. Contact the Arms Control Center now to employ the best private investigators all around the world.


EKEO's Director with four Members of Parliament

EKEO’s Director with four Members of Parliament

Security Consulting & Advice
The Arms Control Center’s members constitute a fine network of academics, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty officers of the Armed Forces, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans, Lawyers etc. The World’s security environment is volatile and needs particular attention especially regarding private enterprise and all forms of private business. There are places around the world that are very fertile for foreign investors, who should take seriously into account that in every country there are forces that might oppose foreign investments because of political, personal and even criminal motives. Such forces might undermine the prospects of foreign investments because they are forces which thrive when the citizens are unemployed and impoverished. The Arms Control Center is constantly monitoring these activities all around the world and can provide reliable scientific security consulting to all private companies and foreign government officials that wish to operate and expand their activities outside the border of their country. The Media, which consider the Arms Control Center a very reliable source of scientific information on all aspects of Homeland Security, frequently resort to its Director for timely and accurate advice. In the picture above, Dr. Theodore Liolios is shown (bottom right-hand corner) in one of his many appearances on Greek State TV with the Minister of Energy and three members of the European Parliament. Therefore all foreign investors, businessmen, and government officials would benefit from the Arms Control Center’s security consulting which will provide them with risk assessment and management, security consulting and advice, along with the finest private security services. Contact the Arms Control Center  and employ the most reliable Security Consultants all around the world.

Hellenic Ministry of Defense

Hellenic Ministry of Defense

Defense & Security Industry Consulting & Advice
There is no doubt that defense and security procurement all around the world is a key factor which shapes the politics of the local governments and affects the local economies. Defense and security industries all over the world  are constantly competing to convince government officials about the value of their services and products. However, experience has proved that often the process of evaluation is corrupt and the relevant committees unreliable.

The Arms Control Center has been studying this competition for many years acquiring a wide in-depth experience in all legal and administrative aspects of this highly demanding process of procurement. We are committed to preventing injustice and corruption in this competition by assessing and endorsing the most reliable products and services offered to local governments and military/police forces. Our noble objective is to prevent unfair tactics from either side (Government or Industries) which could be detrimental to homeland security and the welfare of the citizens.

The Arms Control Center’s experts with their vast experience in the administrative procedures of the public sector can provide high-quality scientific consulting and advice to governments as well as to local and foreign defense/security companies/industries in their efforts to become partners of the local governments and the military/police forces.

Of course, the Arms Control Center non-profit nature presupposes that our services will be provided on the interest of the world security and financial prosperity and all proceeds from the Center’s involvement will be dedicated to its non-profit scientific research.

Security Events & Conferences
The Arms Control Center can organize security events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations designed to bring together decision makers, influencers and those at the forefront of current operations to give you the most up-to-date feedback and lessons learned.

We collaborate with local and foreign governments, military and academic organizations for the design, planning and implementation of all of our events. This ensures that our security events are timely, well supported at the national and international level and have the full backing of industry leading associations.
The Arms Control Center’s reputation on security events and affairs guarantees that our partners will promote their true values and objectives. Contact the Arms Control Center now and let it organize for you one of the most successful Events/Conferences for your organization which will attract international attention.

EKEO's Director Prof. Theodore Liolios addressing the Hellenic Navy General Staff

EKEO’s Director Prof. Theodore Liolios addressing the Hellenic Navy General Staff at the auditorium of the Hellenic War Museum (The Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff Admiral A. Antoniadis is shown on the foreground)


Theodore Liolios Hellenic Security Advisor

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