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Robotics play a part in everything from industry to medical innovation to house maintenance. But for all the robo-integration into our lives, how much do we really know about these lean, mean, metal machines? Turns out, not as much as we’d like to believe. That’s where the DARPA Robotics Challenge, and the truth about robots, come in. EKEO is constantly assessing the robotics technology in Greece but so far our scientists have found no significant developments. Admittedly, there are some companies which claim to work in the field but ΕΚΕΟ has not been able to verify that. Thus, EKEO advises caution to all foreign companies and governments which are operating in Greece regarding Robotics Technology, especially for military and security purposes. EKEO will promptly conduct research, assess and certify any establishment in Greece which operates in the field of Military Robotics / Security Robotics (or produces Military Robots / Security Robots). Foreign Companies and/or Foreign Governments which require an assessment of Greek Robotics companies can contact EKEO’s Hellenic Security Advisors.



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