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Just as with the police profession, training requirements for the private security industry in Greece have evolved over time. For many years security guards were poorly chosen and poorly trained (if at all), partly because Greek security guard companies who contracted with clients in private industry were paid very little for their security guard services. For the most part, contracts were awarded to security guard companies through a competition process and the final selection was often made based on cost rather than the experience or professionalism of the security guard company. The foundation of ΕΚΕΟ and the Hellenic Security Council provided a certification organization in Greece which constantly monitors, supervises, commands and certifies the security companies which are members of the Hellenic Security Council. EKEO and the Hellenic Security Council select the best security officers and scientists in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans in order to provide the best security services in Greece via a large network of excellent security firms that consistute the Hellenic Security Council. One important aspect of EKEO is that it employs Retired Military Special Forces as Security Officers in Greece, who during their service in the Hellenic Armed Forces receive special training such as the one depicted in the video (Note that the people appearing in the above video are not necessarily related to ΕΚΕΟ or to the Hellenic Security Council)
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