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If you are interested in buying property in Greece or establishing your business then the security of your assets and investments can be safely placed under the auspices of EKEO’s Security Advisors and Consultants. EKEO’s Crime Analysis Group covers all aspects of crime analysis for private sector businesses including examining the frequency of crimes, the nature of these crimes, the day and time of the incident, the risk to a property and its inhabitants, and the objective analysis of preventative security measures in place. Our independent and objective security assessments identify threats and vulnerabilities which result in critical information needed to make cost-effective risk management decisions and protect assets.

Our Group of Security Scientists and Experts accurately identify threat levels at any area and facility in Greece, recognize crime patterns, calculate crime rates, forecast future crimes, and determine “normal” levels of crime. EKEO develops industry-specific and client-specific risk assessment methodologies using industry standards and best practices as well as each client’s unique needs. Methodologies have been developed for Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Airports, Office Buildings, houses and others. Security Risk Management services include:

  • Critical Asset Identification
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Phased, Scalable Solutions

Before buying, building or investing in Greece appoint EKEO’s Security Advisors and Consultants to provide you with all the necessary data, information, advice and research regarding your current or future assets and investments in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. The Hellenic Security Advisors support those who support Greece.

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