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For most organizations, security expenditures are typically considered resources that could be used elsewhere in the organization to enhance profitability or for direct use in furthering the organization’s mission. The organization’s senior management needs tangible evidence that security implementation positively impacts the organization’s profit and/or mission success. Because a security program has to make business sense, the organization’s leaders need practical assessments of the return on security investments possible in order to create an effective security program. EKEO’s research and advisory determines the impact of the security program on profits and mission success and answers critical questions during the process of analyzing return on security investment. Regardless of the type of security measure or security package under consideration, the most basic formula for calculating return on security investment (ROI) is:

ROI = Cost of Security Measures – Savings Anticipated

Foreign Companies and Investors operating in Greece and Cyprus can trust the Hellenic Security Advisors of EKEO who will focus their research and efforts on the following issues:

  • What is the financial impact to the organization of inadequate security?
  • How does the organization protect its assets?
  • How much security is appropriate?
  • What security measures are most cost-effective?
  • What types of security measures are needed?
  • What impact will security have on the productivity of the organization’s employees?

Finally, based on very sophisticated research and investigations, EKEO’s Security Advisors will select the most appropriate type of security for their clients and provide high quality security services which will be constantly supervised, assessed and evaluated by EKEO’s experts to the benefit of Foreign Investors, Companies and Government Officials.

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