crimes against old people greeceThe picture speaks volumes about the criminality in Greece. This poor old man was found by his brother this morning (06:00 pm) in a state of horror. He had been tied up, gagged and beaten up by robbers who invaded his house in a small village in Lamia (Greece). The unfortunate octogenarian had internal bleeding as one of his broken ribs had punctured his lung. He is still unable to give a testimony to the Police which could help identify the criminals however according to some information he was able to mutter under his breath that the murderous invaders were carrying Kalasnikof assault rifles and spoke Albanian. As HACC has pointed out before Greece is infested with Albanian criminals who cross the Albanian-Greek borders carrying in their cars weapons stolen from the Albanian Army depots. The Greek Police is unable to cope with this huge criminality increase which is mainly due to an uncontrollable tide of illegal immigrants that burden Greece socially and financially. A good look at the picture attached to the present article will reveal the fear and anxiety of senior citizens in Greece (especially of those who live by themselves).
HACC is educating the Greek citizens in security issues posting advice and analysis on its Greek website, however our effort needs support from public and private bodies. Despite the problems that senior citizens are facing in Greece it should be noted that HACC believes that there is no particular threat to tourists who visit Greece as there are very few crime incidents involving tourists (the usual incidence found in all other European countries).

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