Graduates of the e-learning of KEDIVIM/EKPA (especially Security Scientists) come meet us and let all of Greece know you! (Invitation to participate in EKEO shows, youtube channel)! Dear graduates of the e-learning security science programs of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. In the channel of EKEO on youtube (~ 6840 members) we will now be able to make live broadcasts where sometimes (when there are no specific speakers) you can also participate (you will be given a code). The show will be broadcast live on youtube so it will have a theoretically infinite number of viewers and commentators (if we want we answer their questions) and will be permanently stored there for future use/promotion by anyone interested. The initial shows will be introductory, amateurish, experimental and random, while later they will be more focused and will also cover current issues. According to the platform we use, the participating members (as potential interlocutors, ie to appear on the screen) should not exceed 70 while below 30 is the recommended (infinite number of people can watch/comment/ask on youtube of course). In the first experimental shows we will test/exhaust the limit (to see how long the system can withstand) and then as possible interlocutors will be only the people who have prepared to present something to our audience while the other members will be able to participate/comment like everyone through the Youtube platform (of course, exceptionally, they can be included as potential interlocutors if they have something urgent to present). The procedure is as follows: Our online discussion/session will be announced to the public, EKEO will give you the password to join the conversation and then the platform will open with a live show on Youtube. Attention, there is an obvious code of ethics/courtesy and only identified individuals (by name) can participate as potential interlocutors who are also responsible for their comments. In the beginning there will be arrhythmias and imperfections but over time these shows will be a source of knowledge and social contact of security scientists with all of Greece. Please understand if the number of people (potential interlocutors) needs to be reduced in a random way so that the appropriate tests can be done. Graduates of the e-learning of KEDIVIM/EKPA (especially Security Scientists) lets meet and let the all of Greece know you! Yours sincerely, Professor Dr. Theodoros Liolios, Academic Head of SECURITY SCIENCES of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens!

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