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Due to a devastating debt crisis, shrinking economy and surging unemployment, violent crime in Greece has soared, and the Hellenic Security Advisors warn that it may get even worse as Greece sinks deeper into recession. Rising tides of illegal immigration are adding to Greece’s plight. Greece has seen its ethnic makeup change dramatically in the last decade as immigrants, legal and not, now account for as much as 15% of the population, and most of the new arrivals have settled in Athens. EKEO fears that the disorder and lawlessness gripping the capital will incite further violence, including police brutality and vigilantism. “Only a third of the 500 motorcycles and police cars are in operation for patrols,” said the Greek police union president, in an interview two years ago. “The rest are in the pits because there’s no money to service them. From boots to bulletproof vests, police resources are ailing in Athens. As crime overshadows Greece, its debt crisis, shrinking economy and surging unemployment have reduced Athens, which used to be one of Europe’s safest capitals, into a city craving for private security services. Tourists are concerned about their own security and tourist guides begin to resort to the Hellenic Security Advisors for consultancy regarding the safety of their clients. EKEO conducts risk assessment research and studies and provides all the necessary security services for tourists via a large network which operates under the auspices and supervision of the Hellenic Security Advisors.

Source the LA Times

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