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The Hellenic Security Advisor of EKEO, Prof.Theodore Liolios, expressed his regret that security measures in Greece are very often inadequate even for Members of the Hellenic Parliament. EKEO reports that last Tuesday a few small bombs exploded at the offices of three prominent conservative politicians in northern Greece late Tuesday, leaving staff briefly stranded in fires caused by the blasts. The name of the MPs are : Stavros Kalafatis, Giorgos Orfanos, and Costas Gioulekas
The attacks occurred within in central Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, and were carried out using makeshift cooking gas canister bombs. According to the fire brigade one of the attacks targeted the private office of the deputy development minister, Stavros Kalafatis, where a fire caused extensive damage to the eighth-story office. Two female office employees jumped to the seventh floor to escape the fire. One of the employees (a woman) received medical attention in hospital after hurting her leg, fire service officials said.
Nearby, four people were rescued by firefighters at the sites of the other attacks at the offices of conservative parliament members Giorgos Orfanos and Costas Gioulekas that sustained more limited damage.
The three politicians are all members of the centre-right New Democracy party that is leading Greece’s coalition government formed after general elections last June.
Attacks using small bombs and incendiary devices are frequently carried out in Greece by far-left and anarchist groups. Politicians have been targeted more frequently since the country was affected by a major financial crisis.
EKEO firmly believes that such attacks may be carried out against foreign government officials and other foreign investors in Greece who may be regarded as an enemy by terrorists who operate under the pretext of far-left and anarchist political activism. The Hellenic Security Advisors can provide all the necessary advice, data, information and private security service to all foreign government officials and VIP’s operating and investing in Greece.
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