A French chemical factory in the northern city of Rouen went up in flames and according to the media reports an acrid smell surrounded the site. The fire had been contained but it was reported that it would take several days to be fully extinguished, thankfully there were no victims. The fire was being handled by 200 firefighters while a security cordon had been put into place. Apart from the city of Rouen the residents of 12 surrounding municipalities were asked to stay home and the schools in the area remained closed. While Prefect Pierre-André Durand confirmed that the black smoke was indeed linked to the presence of chemicals “the first analysis did not reveal any acute toxicity on the main molecules, which is rather reassuring” and “We have no evidence that there is a risk associated with fumes” as stated by Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. He also announced measures to limit the risks of contamination to the Seine River, which runs near the site of the accident.

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