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“A man placed calls with two Greek TV stations [Skai and Mega], saying the device was the work of the “Urban Guerrilla” group and that other hits would follow,” a police official said. “There has been no such group in the past. It may be a credible threat or a hoax.”

The improvised explosive device comprised a 4-litre container of flammable liquid, eight batteries, wire, a clock, a resistor and a switch packaged in a gift box that had been left on a seat in an empty Athens Metro carriage.

The Police and the Antiterrorist Unit are still investigating the validity of this claim as this so called terrorist group has never appeared before. It seems that the device was a primitive incendiary IED which would explode at a certain instant when the Athens Metro would reach a particular point of its itinerary (not disclosed by the Police). The authorities are currently investigating footage from surveillance cameras but so far they have been unable to gather any significant information. The Hellenic Arms Control Center (HACC) warns all citizens that there is still a state of alert as the “Urban Guerrilla” announced that there will be more similar hits. HACC continues to monitor the relevant activities and will inform the public about any possible new develpoments

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