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Crime in Greece has risen over the past few years due to the financial problems that have been crippling Greece. Illegal migrants are surging into the country, crossing the poorly guarded borders in great numbers every day. As a result, crimes are committed of unprecedented terror, never before seen in Greece. Examples abound, from the teenage girls having their skulls smashed before being raped to senior citizens who are attacked at their homes, robbed and then beaten to death. Very often prisons in Greece are unable to keep the offenders behind bars as they can escape easily. The Hellenic Security Advisors of EKEO have long been advocates of a Maximum Security Prison in Greece where all those criminals could incarcerated so that they can serve their time . This is the only way to prevent the from escaping and engaging again in illegal activities. It is this high crime rate in Greece which gave birth to the Hellenic Security Council, founded by EKEO, which consists of the highest quality security firms in Greece which can provide security services to all local and foreing people who seek protection and guarding.

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