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According to the Greek newspaper To Vima there is a secret report which details millions of euros owed to Athens by Germany for World War Two reparations and unpaid loans. Greek organisations are calculating the value of loans from Athens to Berlin taken by the Nazis between 1942 and 1944 at 54 billion euros. Der Spiegel also puts the figure owed to Greece for reconstruction after the Second World War at 108 billion euros. This is likely to anger even more Greeks in the debt-stricken country facing austerity. German policy is often a target in Greece where cuts are made to ensure two more bailout payments from the EU and IMF worth nine billion euros.
The Hellenic Security Advisors are constantly monitoring this anti-German sentiment in Greece reporting and advising the local and international community. For the time being the majority of Greeks realize that German tourists are an important source of revenue and thus no immediate risk has been detected for Germans in Greece. However, travel agents and tourist guides are advised to contact the Hellenic Security Advisors of EKEO whenever private security for Germans or any other of our services is needed.

Source: Euronews

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