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Could all that crisis raging on in Ukraine spill out and have an effect on other countries such as Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans in general? Are people visiting Greece safe regardless of the side they take with regard to the Ukrainian crisis? EKEO (Hellenic Arms Control Center) is constantly monitoring the development in Ukraine and believes that Greece’s rhetoric against Russians may have an effect on Russians who expect Greece to remain a traditional ally to them. On the other hand, Greece is currently president of the European Union and has obligations which are beyond its own will, as it represents the entire Europe in this crisis. EKEO’s Hellenic Security Advisors do not perceive any immediate danger for people travelling to Greece and Cyprus (even for Ukrainians and Russians). However, Ukraine is currently a place of political turmoil, demonstrations and riots, which might spill over its borders. Thus if your itinerary includes Ukraine or its borders special arrangements should be made to avoid hotspots and places where demonstration and riots take place. If you need any further security information contact EKEO which will provide you with security consulting, security services and all the information you need.

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