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Security Consulting is actually a highly technical subject. Seeking the right consulting organization in Greece can be a very demanding process as there are hundreds of firms offering such services but none of them is actually a scientific research center such as EKEO (Hellenic Arms Control Center). Foreing investors in Greece are faced with the puzzling and risky issue of selecting the right area to establish their operations, employing the right people and, of course, fighting with Greek red tape and public sector in general. EKEO has been studying for many years all the security risks involved in establishing commercial operations and investing in Greece. Highly skilled scientists and professionals can conduct research in almost any field of risk management and assessment in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans: from the security threats your company will face to the private security services you and your employees need in order to carry out your duties and succeed in your investment. Before you invest in Greece, contact EKEO which can conduct research in any security field that concerns you, your company or the government you represent. Don’t Risk you Money and Your Life! Contact the Hellenic Arms Control Center now!

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