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A 31-year-old Pakistani national who owns a convenience store in Piraeus claims to have been intimidated after reporting two police officers who demanded that he pay them 300 euros during an inspection in February in order for them to waive a fine. The store owner claims his shop facade was smashed by vandals and that he received a note containing threatening language last Sunday – two weeks after the officers’ arrest. And on February 25, when the officers’ went on trial, the 31-year-old said he was taken to his local police precinct for an identity check. The officers, aged 26 and 31, received 22-month suspended prison terms that they have appealed. Although that particular case has been judged by the court and EKEO makes no comment on the verdict, the Hellenic Security Advisors confirm that many illegal immigrants accuse the Greek Police of brutality and violation of their rights in an effort to avoid arrest and deportation. Actually, there are various extremists in Greece who encourage illegal immigrants to resist arrest and pretend that their rights have been violated. The Hellenic Security Advisors of EKEO warn foreingers to stay clear of areas which have been turned into ghettos of illegal immigrants as these place have a very high crime rate. Call our offices for advice and private security if you plan to visit Greece or you already live here.

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