EKEO's Director with four Members of Parliament

EKEO’s members constitute a fine network of academics, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty officers of the Armed Forces, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans, Lawyers etc. Greece’s security environment is volatile and needs particular attention especially regarding private enterprise and all forms of private business. In this time of financial recession Greece is a paradise for foreign investors. However, all foreigners should take seriously into account that in Greece there are forces that might oppose foreign investments because of political, personal and even criminal motives. Such forces might undermine the prospects of foreign investments because they are forces who thrive when the citizens are unemployed and impoverished. EKEO is constantly monitoring these activities and can provide reliable scientific security consulting to all private companies and foreign government officials that wish to operate and expand their activities in Greece, Cuprus and the Balkans. The Greek Media, which consider EKEO a very reliable source of scientific information on all aspects of Homeland Security, frequently resort to its Director for timely and accurate advice. In the picture above, Dr. Theodore Liolios is shown (bottom right-hand corner) in one of his many appearances on Greek State TV with the Minister of Energy and three members of the European Parliament. Therefore all foreign investors, businessmen, and government officials would benefit from EKEO’s security consulting which will provide them with risk assessment and management, security consulting and advice, along with the finest private security services. Contact ΕΚΕΟ and employ the most reliable Security Consultant in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

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