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The Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, informed the Greek Parliament that four Police officers ended their lives in 2010, four in 2011, three in 2012 and five this year. Thus, a total of sixteen police officers have taken their own lives since 2010, five in this year alone. Some people link the suicides to the psychological pressure experienced by uniformed civil servants caused by austerity cuts and financial pressures. EKEO attributes the high suicide rate to other factors such as exhaustive working conditions, , exposure to risk, pressures from superiors, violent incidents, the high divorce rate in the police force. Minister Dendias said that there “is no universally accepted factor that causes such extreme suicidal tendencies in humans”. It was “this is multifaceted phenomenon that is related to both external factors, such as environmental (social, familial, occupational etc) and individual-internal (psychological, emotional, personality etc).” Minister Dendias said that a special psychological support programme for police was set up in October 2012. In addition, special committees have established in Athens and Thessaloniki to review the suitability of officers to carry firearms. About 30 people officers are assessed daily.
According to Klimaka, a mental health NGO, the number of suicides in 2011 were the highest in 50 years. Klimaka reports that out of 477 suicides recorded in 2011, 393 involved men and 84 women, an overall 26.52% increase from 2010 and a 104.8% increase in the number of suicides carried out by women compared to the previous year. (Klimaka runs a suicide prevention helpline at 1018)
The Hellenic Security Advisors are not satisfied by the methods employed by the authorities in the field of psychological support of the Police Officers. Thus, EKEO aims to organize seminars and lectures in order to educate the Police Officers and prevent further increase in the suicide rate.

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