Journal of Arms Control, Defense & Security Studies

Journal of Arms Control, Defense & Security Studies (Arms Control Journal) (ISSN 2585-2493))
The Arms Control Journal is an open access multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of Arms Control, Defense & Security Studies, and in particular Homeland and International Security, Military Science, Weapons of Mass Destruction, War Studies, Geopolitics, Military History, Weapons Effects, Environmental Security, Information Security, Financial Security, Diplomacy, Espionage & Counterespionage, Terrorism & Counterterrorism etc. The Journal is also interested in science papers (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, etc) which are related to all the above fields
There are more than twenty thousand academic journals all over the world and their number is rapidly increasing. Many of those journals are open access ones and lots of them are charging fees to authors who wish to publish their work. The Arms Control Center decided to launch the Journal of Arms Control, Defense and Security Studies (henceforth abbreviated as “ the Arms Control Journal ”) to provide the international community with a high-quality peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal which charges no fees to authors. The Arms Control Journal is published by the Arms Control Center, which is an international non-profit research center (and a publishing house registered with the national library of Greece) supported solely by research grants, donations and the subscriptions of its members. The journal itself, due to its non-commercial, exclusively academic nature is supported by the subscriptions of the members of the Arms Control Center who have the privilege of submitting and publishing (free of charge) papers, monographs, e-books, conference proceedings and their academic work in general, in the Arms Control Journal (and the web-site of the Arms Control Center). There are no publication fees for members as long as their membership status is in good standing. Every regular member is entitled to submit papers (for review and possible publication after successful review) in the form of a short note, letter, regular article, review article, etc (as long as membership status is maintained in good standing). If there are more than one authors then all co-authors must be regular members of the Arms Control Center. All accepted papers are published both as full pdf documents in the Journal Archives and as regular posts in the Arms Control Center’s website to take full advantage of its SEO capabilities.
Authors are also permitted to post the final, published PDF of their article on a website, institutional repository or other free public server, immediately on publication in the Arms Control Journal. Articles that are deemed especially newsworthy may be press released by our press office. Journalists wishing to receive press releases while papers are still under embargo should contact the Arms Control Center for further information

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