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Several thousand protesters in the midsummer heat, joined a peaceful march to parliament, as the 24-hour walkout disrupted some domestic flights, some modes of public transport, state hospitals and other services. The march was staged by unions opposing austerity measures. This is is their fourth general strike this year,as the government prepared to start reducing public sector jobs. EKEO expects more demonstrations later in the day, while local government offices remain closed for a second day. The Vice President in public sector union federation said “We urge MPs not to vote for the bill because it would be a tragic mistake against employees, local government, public administration and, especially, our dignity,.. As protesters marched past parliament, a group MPs unfurled a banner in front of parliament that said: “Dismiss the government: No to firings in the private and public sector.” Unions have announced an all-night rally and solidarity concert at Syntagma Square at 8.30pm. According to the unions an attempt will be made to form a human chain around parliament.
The Hellenic Security Advisors believe that general strike will not succeed in forcing the government to withdraw its latest reform bill nor will it convince MPs to vote against it. Foreign Visitors and Tourists are advised to stay away from hot spots where extremists may cause riots and fights with the police. Usually, protests, rallies and marches staged by the Unions are well-guarded by the members of the Unions. However, extreme elements sometimes infiltrate the rallies and the march hurling stones at the police in order to provoke them.

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