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According to a Reuters analyst Greece will finally decide to form a coalition government which would consist of transformed components of the old parties, possible including Lucas Papademos. The analyst in the video believes that regardless of which party comes first sooner or later the government will collapse and a new one should be formed. If the radical left parties win then there will be a head-on collision with the EU which will block cash flowing from the bailout agreement. This development would create massive riots which would bring the radical left government down. In the same way if New Democracy wins then any form of government will be weak and will collapse by the massive riots that may be instigated by the opposition. Finally, when Greece is really broke unable to pay its debt, salaries, pensions etc then a coalition government will be formed to rescue the impoverished country. However, HACC believes that the Reuters analyst forgets that somewhere between the June 17 government and the formation of a “sensible government” there may be street riots and many bloody atrocities instigated by the criminal forces which are now biding their time in Greece. This country has a long history of rebellions and uprisings. Political empathy in widespread in Greece and many Greeks have not forgotten the bloody civil war which followed WWII. Greece needs a stable government which will not resurrect ghosts from the civil war and HACC believes that the vote of the Greek people should be wise and carefully considered. Greece must remain a peaceful, friendly country to the entire world and all rumous about civil wars and coup d’etat at the moment are just propaganda which acts as political pressure on the unfortunate Greek citizen.

(HACC doesn’t get political and never assumes a political position or endorses a political party)

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