Hellenic Army Academy No Junta Supporters Here“The Hellenic Army Academy is a full-blown Greek military university founded on the most solid democratic foundations”, declared publicly Dr. Theodore Liolios, an Associate Professor of Nuclear Physics and Military Applications in the Hellenic Army Academy (also Director of the Arms Control Center). The Army Academy Professor denounced all accusations against one of his cadets who was accused of chanting a junta hymn after a long and exhausting anti-junta event that takes place every year in the auditorium of the Academy. “He is the brightest cadet of the whole academy and also the Chief of the entire Corps of Cadets”, Prof. Liolios noted, and vowed to support his student against all false and exaggerated accusations.
A stupid song chanted by the Chief of the Corps of Cadets cannot be the reason for his expulsion from the Academy. Such an extreme measure by the Army General Staff and the Ministry of Defence would give the wrong message to thousands of young cadets by punishing so severely a 21-year-old cadet who has never caused any other trouble. However, the Ministry of Defence is under heavy pressure by some media in Greece which distorted and magnified the incident in an effort to support the groundless argument that Greece is going through a political crisis which could lead to a Coup d’Etat. “Nothing could be more naïve”, Professor Liolios asserted, “as this young bright cadet was kidding chanting childishly a mock junta-hymn after being released from a long and exhausting anti-junta event which took place in the auditorium of the the Hellenic Army Academy”. According to all sources (and his fellow cadets) the accused Chief of the Corps of Cadets is a benign democratic person whose sense of humour has been misinterpreted (probably on purpose).

The Arms Control Center firmly believes that it is now obvious that a minor (childish) incident in the Hellenic Army Academy was distorted into a major national crisis for reasons that should be investigated by the Greek citizens and the international community.
Fortunately, the Minister of Defence , Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, is a wise Diplomat who is expected to understand the negative impact (locally and internationally) of any undue and exaggerated punishment over such a childish incident in the Hellenic Army Academy.

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