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EKEO can provide all foreigners with the best security services available in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.  Contact EKEO now for absolute safety and protection from the security companies that operate under our scientific supervision. According to many sources, by the year 2010 in Greece there were approximately two thousand private companies which offered private security and relevant services. These companies today employ up to 40,000 people some of whom have never had any advanced education on security matters and cannot reliably protect the lives and assets of others. Only some of those security companies are reliable and can really guarantee your security in Greece, Cyprus and the entire Balkans (Eastern Europe in general). Foreign individuals and companies can be very easily misled by the fancy advertisements and false information presented in the websites of some private security companies in Greece. That’s why EKEO’s scientific group has decided to evaluate, assess and endorse only those private security companies that really satisfy the international standards of private securityEKEO’s Scientific Advisors (Hellenic Security Advisors) are famous for for their advanced scientific security services in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. Our Group supervises, guides and coordinates the finest network of private security services in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans that can guarantee the safety and security of local and foreign individuals and companies. We apply strict evaluation and monitoring methods to the private security companies of our network thus preventing all unnecessary costs and expenses which would be imposed on foreign individuals and companies in Greece.If you are serious about Private Security in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans: Contact ΕΚΕΟ now which will constantly assess your true needs, recommend, monitor and supervise the most excellent private security officers and scientists of our network to protect your assets, your personnel, your life and the people you love. Our Security Advisors will become You and represent Your interests  in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans

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