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According to the video, last Saturday, the Egyptian Ambassador reportedly slapped a police officer at the Larnaca’s Airport in Cyprus.The conditions that led to this incident are as yet unknown, however, according to the ” Ambassador Bakhoum was at the airport to see off her family and she wanted to escort them beyond the passport control. A female police officer then asked her to remove her boots, but the Egyptian diplomat refused, prompting a dispute. Ambassador Bakhoum then acted by slapping the police officer, resulting in her being manhandled by a group of male officers. They dragged her to a separate room in a bid to calm tempers. Efforts to contain the situation, however, failed when ambassador Bakhoum reportedly grabbed the wig of a senior officer in protest at her detention, according to Cyprus Mail.” EKEO has no other evidence or information but the video posted above and can neither verify nor repudiate the report.

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