German Tourists Greece Security SafetyAccording to Athens News and Reuters “Germany’s biggest tour operators called on its nation’s holidaymakers to ignore anti-German sentiment in Athens and take trips to Greece’s islands, after booking numbers plunged at the start of the year. Tourism is a vital source of income for Greece, accounting for about a fifth of gross domestic product, but the country’s debt problems, and a reluctance among many Germans to act as the euro zone’s paymaster for its bailout, have sparked anti-German protests in Athens”. The Hellenic Arms Control Center (HACC) is monitoring this anti-German sentiment in Greece and has concluded that it is not a major security concern. Greeks have always been very hospitable and friendly especially to German tourists who consider Greece as one of the best holiday destinations. There are many thousand Germans who visit Greece every year without problems. In fact most Greeks realize that they should provide a secure environment not only to Germans but also to every tourist if they are to survive since the entire Greek economy depends on tourism.
To realize that Greeks are a hospitable peaceful nation, which respects all tourists regardless of their nationality, one should think of the Turks who visit Greece as tourists every year. Despite centuries of hostilities, the Turks are always welcome to Greece and treated as friends. Therefore, Greeks as a nation bears no anti-German feelings although some Media are trying to create it by blaming the Germans for the current financial plight of Greece. Attacking German tourists (or any other tourist) would be suicidal and no patriotic Greek would never allow or even adopt such behaviour.
However, all tourists (including Germans) are subject to the same risks that every other citizen is facing nowadays in Greece due to the frequent riots, demonstrations, strikes, and general public unrest. HACC can provide information and advice to all tour operators regarding security and safety in Greece.

In conclusion, Germans should never consider Greece a hostile environment and should continue visiting it as usual (resorting of course to HACC for advice and security if need be).

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