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Illegal immigration in Greece has reached monstrous proportions as a flood of Pakistanis, Somalis, and people from other third world countries are crossing the Greek borders daily. EKEO (The Hellenic Arms Control Center) has warned the international community that these people practically invade Greece bringing more poverty and despair to Greeks who are already plunged in recession and unemployment. Crime rates have increased due to the inability of the Greek government to address this critical issue. A striking example of the danger the Greek society is facing was recorded recently as one of the most hideous crimes was committed by a Pakistani who had illegally entered Greece some time ago. The 23-year old monster found a 15-year old Greek girl sitting on the beach of the Greek island Paros listening to music as most teenagers do in the Greek islands. According to his own testimony (quoting local media) he attacked the little girl in order to steal her cell phone but then he decided to smash her scull with a ten-pound rock. The savage Pakistani pounded the little girl’s head until she was unable to resist and then raped her. He finally wiped out blood and semen from his clothes and hid the body of the unfortunate teenager whose face and scull were fractured beyond recognition. The girl was found in a comatose state and many days later she is still in the intensive care while doctors sound very pessimistic. The Pakistani criminal after his hideous crime left Paros and went straight to his embassy in Athens to request money for his air ticket to Pakistan (reportedly from European Union funds). Luckily, the Greek Police were able to track him down and arrest him before his escape. According to the media, the district attorney has pressed charges against him for attempted murder, rape, entering Greece illegally and so on.
EKEO (the Hellenic Arms Control Center) has warned the authorities that the cancer of illegal immigration in Greece has brought the entire state to its knees. On the other hand, non-profit organizations and some political parties, which profit from this situation in various ways, support this disease which is contaminating Greece and destroying its economy. Currently, there may be millions of third world immigrants in Greece who flood its hospitals, streets, and all social welfare sources. Europe and the rest of the world are still hypocritically wondering why Greece is collapsing financially but they forget something important. Europe is a living organization and when the Greek cell collapses the germs will burst out of it to contaminate the rest of the European cells who now see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

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