Researchers & Security Experts
The Arms Control Center’s members constitute a fine network of academics and educators, government officials, arms control experts, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty and retired officers of the Armed Forces and the Police Force, Medical Doctors and Health Professionals, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans, private security officers, students and of course all relevant companies and corporations (see details in the Greek website of the Arms Control Center). If your expertise is related to the objectives of the Arms Control Center you can apply for employment or internship by submitting your Currriculum Vitae (Greeks can apply via the Greek Website where there is plenty of information in Greek). After an initial evaluation you may be asked to draft a research proposal and submit it to the Director. Your research proposal will be finalized in collaboration with the administration and will then be submitted to international organizations which can provide funds which will support your research under the auspices of the Arms Control Center. There are also ongoing research projects at the Arms Control Center where you may get involved after the initial stage of your evaluation.

HACC security officersPrivate Security Companies (local and foreign ones)
The Arms Control Center evaluates, supervises and coordinates the finest network of private security services that can guarantee the safety and security of local and foreign individuals and their companies. If you are the administrator of a private security organization and you wish to be evaluated by the Arms Control Center you can contact us and submit all the necessary credentials for the evaluation of your company. If you fulfill all the requirements and high standards demanded by the Arms Control Center then you will be included in the most advanced network of private security services all around the world. Government Officials (local and foreign ones), private companies and VIP’s resort to the Arms Control Center for security consulting and advice. Your company may be selected to provide them with private security services under the auspices and the scientific monitoring of the Arms Control Center. We will constantly monitor your services and your activities during our collaboration in order to confirm that those who trusted the Arms Control Center with their lives and assets will be protected to the highest possible degree at the lowest possible cost. If you feel that you can survive the evaluation process and commit your company (security officers, equipment etc) to the scientific monitoring, consulting and coordination of the Arms Control Center then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Weapons Scientists – Arms Control Scientists
If you are a weapons scientist and wish to shift from building those weapons to controlling their proliferation then the Arms Control Center is your future. We know very well that there are many scientists who have worked in the past in weapons Research, Design & Testing (RDT) and that lots of them are currently unemployed. This situation presents a great hazard to international security as their expertise may be exploited by terrorists or countries which clandestinely seek to obtain special weapons.
Our goal is to divert those weapons scientists, engineers and technicians from activities related to weapons to Arms Control and non-proliferation peaceful research. The Arms Control Center’s nonproliferation program endevours to create long-term, employment opportunities for former weapons researchers by developing a high quality Arms Control think-tank in Greece. Your research and all relevant activities will strengthen international security and provide you with a decent academic position as an arms control scientist at the Arms Control Center.