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Homeland Security Researchers & Security Experts
EKEO’s members constitute a fine network of academics, weapons scientists, security experts and officers, active duty officers of the Armed Forces, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Special Forces Veterans etc (see names and details in the Greek website of EKEO). If your expertise is related to the objectives of EKEO you can apply for employment or internship by submitting your Currriculum Vitae to EKEO (Greeks can apply via the Greek Website where there is plenty of information in Greek). After an initial evaluation you may be asked to draft a research proposal and submit it to the Director of EKEO. Your research proposal will be finalized in collaboration with the administration of EKEO and will then be submitted to international organizations which can provide funds which will support your research under the auspices of EKEO. There are also ongoing research projects at EKEO where you may get involved after the initial stage of your evaluation. ΕΚΕΟ focuses on many aspects of research science such as nuclear terrorism, effects and prevention (see relevant video) and educated the Greek public and in particular the Security Officers who operate under the auspices of the Hellenic Security Council (Hellenic Network of High Quality Security Officers and Companies)

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