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According to the international media Greece is experiencing its worst economic crisis since World War II and has been on the brink of a default with debt equal to 160 per cent of its GDP. Moody’s Investors Service considers Greece to have defaulted per its default definitions. The announcement comes despite Athens reaching a deal with private creditors for a bond exchange that will shave €107 billion from its €350 billion debt. Inside Greece there seems to roar a volcano of indignation as people oscillate from despair to rage contemplating ways of surviving and taking revenge. The Police so far have proved ineffective in protecting people’s assests during the riots which break out every now and then. The Hellenic Arms Control Center anticipates escalation of those riots which combined with the organized crime will create a poisonous environment. The only way to create a safer Greece is to found an independent body consisting of law-abiding citizens which would patrol, guard and protect lives and assets. That’s why HACC founded the Hellenic Neighborhood Watch in an attempt to create a peaceful army of volunteers, a Greek “Neighborhood Watch” organization. The non-profit Hellenic Neighborhood Watch (in Greek Ελληνική Πολιτοφυλακή) will be supported by donations and memberships and will operate in accordance with the Greek Laws and Constitution. Primary concern of the Hellenic Neighborhood Watch is to create a safer holiday destination and to ensure that all tourists can also resort for help and support to the patrolling units of the Hellenic Neighborhood Watch in addition to the Police. By founding the Hellenic Neighborhood Watch, Greeks convey a message of security and peace to all visitors who wish to enjoy their holidays in this hospitable country. Thus, HACC strongly recommends that all travel agencies contact HACC and seek information about how to make the holidays of their clients safer.

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